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Picatinny Rail for A2 Handguards

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Many people who have classic AR's, or who have configured their latest build with the A2 handguard would like to be able to mount Picatinny equipped accessories to their weapon.

This Picatinny rail mounts using the holes that are already present on your A2 handguard.  You simply:

  • Remove the handguard
  • Position the rail so that the holes line up
  • Insert the bolts thru the rail into the handguard
  • Thread on the included nuts
  • Use the included hex wrench to extend the hex screw in the rail so that it is level
  • Reassemble the handguard

You are now ready to mount any AR accessory (including the TAC-D Launcher!) on your AR.  And the good news is that if you remove the rail, work weapon is unmodified: no holes or any sign of an accessory having been installed.


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