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Ordnance Group (Dealer Site)

37mm Launchers, Ammo, and Accessories for Dealers


IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you for visiting Ordnance Group!  If you are NOT a dealer, please proceed to our retail site:

Ordnance Group (www.ordnancegroup.com) and Exotic Ammo (www.exoticammo.com) are sister companies.  Ordnance Group is a dealer site. This site specifically caters to our gun and firearms dealers.

Exotic Ammo is specifically created for our retail enthusiasts.  If you are not a dealer, this is the site to access for great 37mm launchers and rounds. 

As a dealer, why carry 37mm launchers?

Gun dealers, brokers, and enthusiasts are increasingly recognizing the value and appeal of carrying 37mm launchers in their inventory.  These versatile launchers offer a range of benefits that attract both firearm enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Firstly, 37mm launchers provide an excellent alternative for customers who may not have the necessary licensing or permits to own larger caliber firearms. This expands the customer base and allows gun dealers to cater to a wider audience.

Additionally, 37mm launchers offer a unique and exciting shooting experience, allowing customers to engage in recreational activities such as launching flares, smoke rounds, or other non-lethal rounds. This versatility not only adds a new dimension to shooting sports but also appeals to individuals looking for innovative ways to enhance their outdoor adventures.

Furthermore, 37mm launchers are highly sought after for their collectability, with many enthusiasts avidly building their own collections. By offering these launchers, gun dealers can tap into a niche market and attract collectors who are constantly seeking new and unique additions to their arsenal.

Overall, carrying 37mm launchers in inventory provides gun dealers with a competitive edge, expands their customer base, and offers an exciting and profitable product for both firearm enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike!


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