SuperBrite (tm) Hand Held Flare

Three Red SuperBrite (tm) Flares per package.  Brighter than any old road flare. Watch your eyes, don't stare at it.

​These are expired marine flares that are brighter than almost anything you can find out there.  20,000 candela light output (the flashlight on your phone is 15 candelas!)

Preppers use these for firestarters, works every time.


Item #  HH-SBF-3        


              3 Flares per pkg.                


                       MSRP: $9.00/pkg.

Orange Signaling Smoke 

The best. Thick smoke generated for 3 minutes. Would easily fill a big room. Works best in low wind conditions. Perfect for reenactors or to shield your movements from the Zombie hordes.


Item #  HH-SMKG-1     

            1 Grenade    


                        MSRP: $9.99/ea.

Smoke Generators and Flares

 These are all hand held or thrown. No launcher necessary. Because these are not launched, they will tend to be longer lasting than launcher ammo. 

The Ordnance Group LLC

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37mm Ammunition

Aerial bombs and Comet Flares

The biggest bang for the buck!

12 Gauge Ammunition


Low cost and LOUD!

26.5mm Ammunition

Parachute flares and smoke

Low cost ammo