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Non-Launched Ammo

Flares and Grenades!

37mm Ammunition

Aerial bombs and Comet Flares

The biggest bang for the buck!

26.5mm Ammunition

Parachute Flares and Smoke

Low cost ammo.

12 Gauge Ammunition


Low cost and LOUD!

Using 12 Gauge Flares  

Question: Can you shoot 12ga. flares from a shotgun?

Answer.  Sure.  Once.

Matthew Kinney shared this story:

​... this happened due to me wanting to surprise my son when we were shooting trap. I loaded the flare in as his first shot to surprise him. When he fired the flare we only heard a small pop and saw a piece of something come out of the barrel.....looked like a wad. When he jacked the next shell in and fired he hit the clay bird breaking it. After the shot he was surprised to see the damage. The gun was an 870 Remington wing master with a full choke.

​Seems that typical 12 ga signaling flares (like those that come in the kits for boaters) won't clear any sort of choke.

​Moral: Be careful.

Ammunition for 37mm Launchers   Ammunition for 37mm launchers can come in a variety of calibers and loadings.  The launchers that we carry are chambered to handle most manufacturer’s 37mm ammunition. With the optional 12ga and 26.5mm adapters, ammunition in the corresponding calibers can be safely used to expand the variety of loads available or to allow the user to engage in low cost practice. The Ordnance Group LLC manufactures and distributes these adapters (seen under "Accessories" in this catalog).  Ammunition loads that cover a variety of requirements are available. Ammunition is divided into two classes, that which is available to civilians and that which is restricted to law enforcement/military and others who have the appropriate federal licenses. 

Civilian ammunition
includes flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic rounds. - Flares and Comets travel 150+  feet. Available in White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold  - Aerial Bombs (AKA Breakers,Bird Bombs and mortars) travel 150+ feet and then  explode with a bright flash and loud report. - Smoke loads produce hundreds of cubic feet of dense smoke in vibrant colors. - Blanks have a loud report and are inexpensive.          
​Military/Law Enforcement rounds
include ammunition loaded with rubber projectiles and various noxious gasses. These rounds are strictly controlled and are not available on the civilian market without special license.

​The Ordnance Group LLC
distributes ammunition in 37mm, 26.5mm and 12ga. calibers as well as hand held signaling devices.  All ammunition is attractively packed in resale friendly poly bags in convenient quantities and at competitive prices varieties. Note that this ammunition incurs HazMat fees of around $30 per box.