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Snap Caps  The same hulls as used for much of our 37mm ammo are fitted with a high compression rubber plugs instead of primers so that you can safely dry fire your 37mm launcher.  Hulls are filled with an inert substance to approximate the weight and feel of a live round.  Available in 2” length.

Tac-D Stock Adapter  This adapter triples the utility of the Tac-D; turning it into a shoulder mounted launcher in minutes.  Without a stock it becomes a long-barreled pistol.  The adapter uses the alignment recess in the rear of the Tac-D receiver to assure accurate positioning so that any AR compatible stock can be used.  The pistol grip is AR standard too.  The adapter continues the Picatinny from the launcher.  Comes with hex head oxide finished mounting bolt.  AR shoulder stock and vertical foregrip are not included. Note that neither the buffer nor the buffer spring are necessary for use of the shoulder stock.
12 Gauge and 26.5mm Adapters These aluminum adaptors will allow for the use of signaling shotgun rounds or the popular and inexpensive ex-Warsaw Pact smoke and flare rounds that we and others carry.  Available to convert 37mm launchers to 26.5mm and 12ga. Also available to convert 26.5mm to 12ga.  Dust off that old signaling pistol!! Manufactured by the Ordnance Group. 
Please see the ATF ruling on these products in the Law tab.


The Ordnance Group provides a full range of accessories for the use and enjoyment of 37mm launchers. These may be purchased from us directly or thru your local dealer.

NEW!!  37mm Cleaning Kit. Rod, Mop and Phosphor Bronze Brush.

What you need to keep your launcher clean and functional.  Remember that propellants for 37mm ammo can be black powder and we all know how evil that stuff is.  Best thing to do is use a black powder solvent with a brush then swab it out with a mop.  Just like what we sell!!  What a coincidence!!

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​Made in the USA specifically for the Ordnance Group. 

Picatinny to Picatinny Clamps  All steel construction, black oxide coated.  The 4in. clamp is the same one that comes standard with the Tac-D launcher.  Also available in 2in. length. 


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Machined 37mm Hulls  Machined from solid 6061 Aluminum rods, accurately drilled to accept standard 209 Shotgun primers.  Available in 2” and 4” overall lengths.