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Item #  37AA-SMK-1

1 Rounds per pkg.   

​ MSRP: $9.99/ea.

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37mm Thunder Rain

Two rounds packed in poly bag.  A bright and loud round. They travel up for up to 150 feet

and then explode and release bright crackling streamers.   
Item # 37AA-TR-4     

Rounds per pkg.     
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Non-Launched Ammo

Flares and Smoke!!

12 Gauge Ammunition


Low cost and LOUD!

26.5mm Ammunition

Parachute Flares and Smoke

Low cost ammo.

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37mm Smoke Rounds

In stock now! Five colors and white, approximately 35 seconds of smoke. The smoke generator is propelled 75 yards and releases smoke the whole time. Colors are Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and White. Sold individually.

​37mm Comet Assortment

Two rounds packed in poly bag, two of each type -- Gold and Silver Comet.  The

comets travel for more than a hundred feet and then explode like an Aerial Bomb (above) but with minimal report and large display.


Item #  37AA-CMT-4

2 Rounds per pkg.   

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37mm Aerial Bombs

Two rounds packed in poly bag.  Also commonly referred to as Breakers or Bird Bombs or Mortars. They travel up for 150 feet

or so and then explode in a large display with a loud report (shown at right).   
Item # 37AA-AB-4     

Rounds per pkg.     
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37mm Rounds

This ammunition is packaged in poly bags in convenient quantities for resale or retail. These rounds are made for 37mm launchers in the USA.  The hulls are injection molded high impact plastic which take a #209 Shotgun Shell primer. They can be reloaded many times.  No adapter is necessary for use in 37mm launchers.  We offer them in a variety of assortment options.