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​NEW!!   26.5mm Rocket Flares

From Germany. These flares use next generation technology in their manufacture. When fired, a finned rocket blasts out of the case. It goes extremely high and burns out in the air. Recoil is minimal as the rocket propels itself rather than relying on black powder. Type I: shoots 1 red meteor and an orange smoke bomb that drops simultaneously with the flare. Type II: sends 6 bright red meteors skyward at one time making it a red rain on steroids. After they all go out, they leave a white smoke trace that lingers for a minute or so.

  Soon to be one our best sellers!!


Item #  26RK-MX-2      

            2 Different Rounds per pkg.     


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Non-Launched Ammo

Flares and Smoke!!

37mm Ammunition

Aerial bombs and Comet Flares

The biggest bang for the buck!

12 Gauge Ammunition


Low cost and LOUD!

26.5mm Assorted Smoke Rounds

One of each color per package: Orange, Blue and Black. The smoke cartridge
travels about 150 yards and then releases a small cloud of vibrant colored smoke.

Item #  26DA-SMK-3 

         Rounds per pkg./3 Colors per pkg.

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26.5mm Red Rain Flares 

Three Red Rain Flares per package.  Red Rain rounds explode at it’s apogee releasing a shower of three red balls that descend with fiery crimson goodness.  


Item #  26DA-RDRN-3        


               3 Rounds per pkg.                


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26.5mm Parachute Flares. 

Payload ascends 150-200 feet then a VERY bright magnesium flare descends slowly on a parachute.  Like the movies!   One our best sellers and a very cool round.

​NOTE: These rounds are VERY hard to find. We have a few left.


Item #  26DA-PF-3      

            3 Rounds per pkg.     


                    OUT OF STOCK!

26.5mm Rounds

Note: Requires adapter for use in 37mm Launchers. See Accessories page.   This ammunition is repackaged surplus either from the Warsaw Pact, made in Czechoslovakia or Germany.  The report and kick from these rounds is similar to a 20ga Shotgun.  We are told that the cases are reloadable. See Links page for further information.