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Item #  12DA-FL-3

         3 Rounds per pkg.               

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12ga. Flares  Red, white and blue.These flare rounds come in packages of three either all the same color or one of each.​  ​These rounds require our 12ga adapter for use in 37mm or 26.5mm launchers.  

Non-Launched Ammo

Flares and Smoke!!

37mm Ammunition

Aerial bombs and Comet Flares

The biggest bang for the buck!

26.5mm Ammunition

Parachute Flares and Smoke

Low cost ammo.

Item #  12DA-BL-8   

         4 Rounds per pkg.               

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12 Gauge Rounds

12ga. Blanks  We have repackaged 12ga. blank rounds that are as loud as a hunting load but with little recoil and minimal downrange danger.  These rounds are loaded with either ground corn husks or ground poly material.  Remember that a blank at close range is deadly, people have died from misusing them. 

​That said, our rounds are packed 4 per package and can be used with our 12ga adapter for hours of fun and noise making.  Note that the use of hunting loads in a 37mm launcher without the appropriate paperwork is a violation of BATF rules and can result in severe criminal penalties.