Item #  12DA-FL-3

         3 Rounds per pkg.               

                MSRP $17.99/pkg

37mm Ammunition

Aerial bombs and Comet Flares

The biggest bang for the buck!

26.5mm Ammunition

Parachute Flares and Smoke

Low cost ammo.

Item #  12DA-BL-8   

         8 Rounds per pkg.               

                MSRP $9.99/pkg

12 Gauge Rounds

12ga. Blanks  We have repackaged 12ga. blank rounds that are as loud as a hunting load but with little recoil and minimal downrange danger.  These rounds are loaded with either ground corn husks or ground poly material.  Remember that a blank at close range is deadly, people have died from misusing them. 

​That said, our rounds are packed 8 per package and can be used with our 12ga adapter for hours of fun and noise making.  Note that the use of hunting loads in a 37mm launcher without the appropriate paperwork is a violation of BATF rules and can result in severe criminal penalties. 

The Ordnance Group LLC

​Call us at 941.592.7227  9am - 5pm EST to place an order.   VISA, MC, DISCOVER, Checks and MOs Accepted!

12ga. Flares  Red, white and blue.These flare rounds come in packages of three either all the same color or one of each.​  ​These rounds require our 12ga adapter for use in 37mm or 26.5mm launchers.  

Non-Launched Ammo

Flares and Smoke!!

Note: We have a small quantity of 10 gauge blanks available.  These WILL NOT work in our adapter but would be swell for your Yacht Cannon!

Item #  10DA-BL-4   

         4 Rounds per pkg.               

                MSRP $9.99/pkg

​Requires adapter for use in 37mm or 26.5mm launchers