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A note on American Made products.  We take "Made in USA" very seriously and attempt to source our products from American manufacturers who use American sourced materials. Sadly, it is often impossible to provide an American alternative to a foreign one and maintain any sort of reasonable pricing.  Our American made products are identified with our "Made in USA" logo.  Look for it!!

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Bates and Dittus (B&D), our previous company, closed their doors in Spring 2015 due to partnership disagreements.  We occasionally get questions about newly manufactured B&D launchers; please note that any newly manufactured product that purports to be made by B&D is not legitimate and is being manufactured without warranties or insurance.  Please be cautious about who you buy from and check to ensure that the launcher has the proper manufacturer's identification.  People have recently reported buying these products in good faith and upon delivery found that they were sold defective/used merchandise.